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Uses of an Offshore Company in the Isle of Man

Uses of an Offshore Company in the Isle of Man

Investors can find different uses for an offshore company in the Isle of Man. One of the top uses for a company incorporated in this jurisdiction includes asset protection as well as international trade. 

The favorable taxation regime in the Isle of Man, along with some of the other business regulations, makes it convenient for investors to open a company here. Our team of Isle of Man company formation agents highlights the main uses of an offshore company in this jurisdiction as well as the requirements for these legal entities.

Offshore company formation in the Isle of Man is a simple process that can be accomplished in 48 hours via the standard procedure and also in a regime that allows for incorporation within the same business day, under certain conditions. 

The Isle of Man Government strives to improve the business regime in the country and part of these efforts include the streamlined company formation procedure.

The uses of offshore companies in the Isle of Man

Some of the general uses for offshore companies in the Isle of Man are the following:

  • Trading: investors are often interested in setting up a company in the Isle of Man for international trading purposes; the tax savings can be significant.
  • International investment: the company can be used for international investment purposes, such as investing in stocks, bond, and other investment products.
  • Holding company: the offshore company in the Isle of Man can be used as a holding company, one that holds shares in other entities, regardless of jurisdiction. 
  • Asset and property ownership: the company can be used as the owner of real property and land and thus investors can have certain tax advantages.
  • Intellectual property holding: the Isle of Man company can also be used to hold intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, software, and others.
  • Ship ownership: an offshore company can also be used for the purpose of owning ships as well as aircraft.

Investors can choose to incorporate the business form that suits their needs and use the business structure for their chosen business purposes or for asset protection, as needed.

Investors should note that the use of the company should be established upon incorporation so as to allow for proper preparation of the company’s Articles of Association and Memorandum. One of our Isle of Man company registration specialists can assist investors throughout the procedure.

Depending on the chosen business sector, companies in the Isle will require additional permits and licenses. These are to be applied for after incorporation. For some business sectors of interest, the Financial Services Authority is the principal regulator.

Offshore company formation in the Isle of Man

Isle of Man offers a very attractive taxation regime, with zero taxes on income from trading and investment and special treatment for VAT taxation with the United Kingdom (for VAT, customs and some excise duties purposes the territories are treated as one). 

Among the other characteristics for a company in the Isle of Man we can mention the following:

  1. no minimum capital: no minimum amount is required to open a company and upon registration, the founders can issue only two shares with a value of 1 £.
  2. directors: at least one director is needed, however, he does not have to be a resident. 
  3. confidentiality: the public records on the company will include the director’s names; however, a nominee director service is available.
  4. registered agent: the company will need a registered agent, registered office in the Isle of Man and a secretary.
  5. management: there is no need to organize an annual general meeting for the company.

The Isle of Man company registration process is a fast one and investors can register a company under a “while you wait” regime or in two hours. For this type of fast registration, the company’s incorporation documents need to be received within the same business day until a specific hour, as directed by the authorities. In other cases, the standard fast incorporation will last 48 hours.

Some investors who open a business here will also be interested in Isle of Man residency.

According to statistics from the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority, there were:

  • 17,593 Isle of Man companies for the year 2017/2018;
  • 43 Class 2 Investment Businesses licensed by the Authority;
  • 193 licensed companies as per the Financial Services Act 2008. 

Our team of Isle of Man company formation agents provides complete services related to company incorporation regardless of the uses of the company. We can offer complete information to investors who are interested in knowing more about business structuring as per the type of activity. Contact us for complete information and specialized services.